Workforce Development

Provides On Job Training


offers free vocational and on the job training


opportunities to adult, youth, and dislocated workers in need of employment

Federally Funded

Workforce Investment Act (WIA). WIA is a federally funded program

RMSER’s Workforce 

RMSER Workforce Development provides on-the-job training, vocational classroom training, skill development, apprenticeships, and job placement assistance for individuals to build new futures. Since 1980 our programs have helped adult, youth, and dislocated workers as well as migrant seasonal farm workers gain the skills they need to obtain stable employment in shifting economies or rural areas. RMSER offers additional support services to participants and their families and we are proud to partner with local employers to train and hire our participants. A robust economy and strong community start with a skilled and educated workforce. Learn more about workforce program offerings or partnering your business with RMSER below.   


On-the-job training offering up to a 50% hourly pay reimbursement for employers training RMSER participants. 


RMSER participants attending post-secondary schools or private training institutions


participants who never worked or lack the necessary skills to obtain employment, with 100% of their wages paid by RMSER’s Workforce Program on behalf of participants placed at private or public worksites

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A strong economy begins with a robust educated workforce.


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