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The human person is not just body (material) and not just soul (spiritual), but body and soul. We learn everything through our 5 senses. The wave/particle nature of light – like everything in existence – has a body and a soul. The body is the physical dimension, which manifests as material properties that we humans can observe, study, measure and quantify. This is called the scientific method. The soul of the object is comprised of the spiritual properties that define and shape the essence of the object. In other words, every detail of an entity’s physical personality has a mystical – inner – counterpart. As the spiritual energy ‘evolves’ and takes on physical shape, its ethereal nature ‘translates’ into physical dimensions that reflect their spiritual insides.


A free 6-week course teaching parents of children under 6 how to prepare and shop for healthy, low-cost meals while empowering them to raise healthy eaters.



You may be the biggest fitness fanatic who stresses on healthy eating and regular exercise, but if you are not mentally at peace with yourself, then there will surely be lapses in your efforts towards leading a healthy life. Our day-to-day lives are fast paced, and full of stresses that we constantly wage a battle against. Keep an eye out for your mental health. If periods of ‘feeling blue’ or being depressed persist, don’t ignore it. Mental health issues are most often swept under the carpet. These are very common and dangerous health issues, and must be accorded the same urgency as one would give to a physical ailment. Be aware of what you feel.


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This is usually the most common definition you hear for health — eating right, exercising, and preventing illnesses. Health begins from the inside, so what you eat is very important. Learn to read nutrition labels, and include the 5 basic food groups in your meal plan. A lot of us balk at the thought of giving up our favourite foods, but moderation is the key. Even reducing the intake of unhealthy foods and sodas will go a long way

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An often neglected aspect of health, we usually confuse this with being soulfully engaged, or indulging in magical mumbo-jumbo! But health can be holistic only when we consider being healthy in all three aspects: mind, body, and soul. Soulful health is a very subjective issue. It caters to our inner being, and helps us find peace and purpose in life. A healthy soul paves the way for a healthy and happy life. Achievements in creating holistic and balanced mental and physical wellness have been mostly adapted to the numbers of people in search of it, and although these achievements have gained a great deal of momentum, acquiring mental and physical wellness is nevertheless incomplete. There is a deeper dimension to our being that needs to be included for more complete and lasting wellness; seeking perfection.

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The Whole Food Challenge isn’t about losing weight (although it is a great perk of cutting back on processed foods!) – it’s about feeling good and properly fueling your body.


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