E A R L Y  C H I L D H O O D

E D U C A T I O N 

Children and families thrive at RMSER Early Learning Centers 

RMSER School Readiness Philosophy  

RMSER Early Learning Centers give children and their families a foundation for success in kindergarten and beyond. Our philosophy integrates proven curriculum, comprehensive child development, and family support. 

Creative Curriculum 

Our research-based teaching and materials develop early language, literacy, and math skills through active learning and play. We emphasize cognitive, social, and emotional development and offer individualized support to each child.  

Emotional, Social, and Physical Development 

Healthy kids learn better. We provide nutritious meals and snacks to all children at no cost to families. Our health services teams keep children ready to learn and work with families to help them obtain medical, mental health, and dental care they need. We are committed to the social and emotional well-being of every child and provide quality, individualized strategies and resources for children and their families.  

Family Support 

Parents and families play a key role in their children’s educational success. We build trusting, collaborative relationships with parents and families starting at enrollment. We support parents as they identify their own strengths, needs, and interests. RMSER provides community and family engagement services as well as partners with local agencies to provide the highest level of services to children and their families. 

Pre-Qualify Now

Our research-based curriculum promotes school readiness in language, reading, and math as well as social-emotional and physical development. RMSER goes above traditional preschool or daycare programs by supporting every child and their family with individualized health, nutrition, and social service programs. Our passionate staff, proven curriculum, and dedicated support services provide a vibrant foundation for you and your child in kindergarten and beyond.


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