We champion social awareness by transforming lives  through inspiration and empowerment



To be a global leader providing social awareness which  empowers, inspires and connects communities to resources 



We have empowered change through services provided in our community centers and partnerships. We are continuously enlisted to present, consult and facilitate RMSER strategies as global leaders throughout the world.

RMSER's governance structure strengthens the organization’s leadership and accountability. Each member of the RMSER Board possesses key attributes: a passion for RMSER’s mission and vision, a commitment to invest time as an active member, an ability and desire to take a system-wide perspective and a demonstrated commitment to communities. RMSER's Board of Directors consists of community leaders from throughout the state of Colorado. 


We take pride in finding the best our industry has to offer. If you want to learn from the best this is the place to be.


  • Larry Sims, Chair
  • Kathy Cordova, Board Member
  • Christopher Ryan, Board Member
  • A.Billy Williams, Board Member




  • Christopher Hall, Chief Executive Officer
  • Lance Vieira, Chief Operating Officer
  • Frances Franco, Director of Human Resources
  • Jan Miller, Director of Finance
  • Leticia Galindo, Assistant Director of Early Child Education & Operations 
  • Leon Ortega, Director of Workforce
  • Jermaine Stafford, Director of Community Development  



  • Juanita Gonzales, Education Coordinator
  • Terri Macha, Nutrition Manager
  • Fred Rendon, Facilities/Transportation Manager
  • Susan Tani, IT Services Manager
  • Eloise Wenzel, Risk Manager
  • John Thibodeau, Parent Involvement Manager
  • Ashley Wilson, Family Service Coordinator
  • Fran Pope, Employee Relations Manager
  • Juanita Rodriguez, Project Manager 
  • Davis Hirschfeld, Development Manager 
  • Amanda Malachowski, Grant and Business Proposal Writer 
  • Brandi Adakai, Community Center Director (Southern Region) 
  • Lourdes Gutierrez, Northern Workforce Area Manager 
  • Mayra McKibbon, Southern Workforce Area Manager 

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