RMSER Nutrition

RMSER offers a variety of nutrition services to our children and their families enrolled in RMSER programs. 


Through the USDA-sponsored Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), we provide well-balanced meals and snacks to help children meet their daily energy and nutrient needs. 


Congratulations! You have chosen a childcare provider that participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). Participating in the CACFP means that the provider cares about good nutrition for children, will introduce and serve a variety of nutritious foods for your child to eat, and will serve foods appropriate for your child’s nutritional needs. 

 RMSER cannot charge a separate fee for meals, nor ask you to provide food for your child for meals claimed for reimbursement from the CACFP, except in some special cases. 

Family Style Meals: Interactive Nutrition for Life 

Family style meal service is used at RMSER Early Learning Centers. Children will be offered and serve themselves all menu items from the bowls, platters, baskets, and/or pitchers provided. The children are encouraged to taste all foods, but they are never forced to eat anything they do not want. One goal of the program is to introduce the children to a wide variety of foods.

Teachers and guests in the classroom will serve themselves in the same manner and model the behavior that is expected at the dining table. Adults and preschool aged children will receive the same portion sizes. Teachers will sit with children during meal times, model appropriate servings, dining behavior, and initiate conversations similar to a home setting.  

 The menus follow the approved and accredited foods by USDA and CACFP. RMSER ensures meals are nutritious, attractive and tasty at the same time providing 2/3 of the Recommended Daily Allowance for nutrients for preschoolers.  

 Parents and other family members are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom. If you or a member of the child's family will be participating in classroom dining with us, please notify your child’s teacher at least 24 hours in advance as to ensure enough food is prepared. We look forward to seeing you at the table! 

Policy 1:

Limit 100% fruit juice to no more than twice per week · Fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than fruit juice and provide dietary fiber. 100% fruit juice offers no nutritional advantage over whole fruits. · Overconsumption of 100% fruit juice can contribute to weight gain and obesity. · Providing fruits and vegetables to children instead of fruit juice reinforces healthier eating habits as children reach new developmental stages. 

Policy 2:

Limit processed meats to once per week · Processed meats are typically high in sodium, saturated fat and total fat. · Replacing processed meats with lean meats and/or meat alternates greatly reduces the amount of calories, sodium and fat in a child’s diet. 


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