RMSER Mental Health Services

RMSER Promotes Children Mental Health

RMSER Early Learning centers are committed to a program-wide culture that promotes children’s mental health, social and emotional well-being. Our desire is to provide high quality care for families. RMSER works with Mental Health consultants across the regions to provide: 

  • Effective classroom management and positive learning environments  
  • Strategies to support children’s social and emotional well-being  
  • Enhance relationships among children and all the adults in their lives 
  • Implement strategies to identify and support children exhibiting mental health and social and emotional concerns  

Why Is It Important?

RMSER supports the mental health of children, families, and staff every day. Early childhood mental health is the same as social and emotional well-being. A child’s developing capacity to express and regulate emotions, form trusting relationships, explore, and learn are all in the cultural context of family and community. The mental health of children and the adults that care for them is essential for school readiness. 

All students enrolled with RMSER early learning centers will have completed a consent release for center-wide mental health consultants: 

RMSER partners with various agencies within your community to connect you and your family with valuable resources. Regional Resources are provided below.  

Please note-you will leave RMSER website when clicking on a regional resource. Make sure to come back to RMSER.org for registration and enrollment! We look forward to having you part of our RMSER family!  

Southern Colorado Additional Resource

SLV Additional Resources


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