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Healthy kids learn better

RMSER Head Start Promotes Healthy Kids

Healthy kids learn better. RMSER Early Learning Centers closely track student health and growth, and work with families to make sure they are able to get the medical and dental care they need. All Centers have a dedicated nurse consultant. Additionally, RMSER students receive vision, hearing, height and weight screenings, at no cost to families.  


Below is an outline of student health requirements and helpful information. Questions? Email RMSER Health Services Manager Megan Berry at [email protected]. 

Before they start school, students must provide proof of required immunizations. You can get your student’s immunization record from your doctor or request it from the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS).

Within the first 30 days of starting school, students must provide proof of a physical exam.  

RMSER Physical Exam Form Find a doctor

Within the first 90 days of starting school, students must provide proof of a dental exam.  

RMSER Dental Exam Form Find a Dentist

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